Thursday, 15 March 2012

THE THREE DAY RULE: the aftershock of the first date.

Really? You think this is REAL? Nope, sorry, no such thing. This was made up by people who have not decided if they like someone enough.
Now, I’m not saying text them 24 times the next morning, turn up on their doorstep or at their workplace with candy and roses (oh, so cheesy). Just make an effort to let her know you’re interested.

Or you could just stalk her through her bedroom window at night and pretend to be a giant bird......How ever, I feel no matter how awesome your cosplay outfits are, her redneck neighbour with the shotgun will either see right through the clever disguise, or be “shootin at some good eats. MAH!! FETCH ME MAH SHOTGUN!!! WE IZ EATIN BIRD TONIGHT!”


Just like that raid group that gets together every weekend, your mix of low level epics and bad socketed armour has let you down again. Chin up, you can always pay for it like a GDK raid........Except there are not multiple people, and you will NEVER see that money again......

Some times you have that first date, everything SEEMED to go so well, but you just know something was off, it didn’t feel right. It makes you sick to think about it, you feel stressed, you’re over thinking again and usually with good reason.

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened”

Was it you? was it her? Was it that tall, dark, handsome and rich guy she left in the Ferrari with? You will NEVER know. Just like a rogue in World of Warcraft, she just crit you for 5000 off a stun-lock.

You can’t judge (unless you’re a Paladin) what was going on. Did the talk to T-bagging WoW or BF3 turn her off? Was it your Darth Vader impersonation? Maybe it was the creepy old guy from Family guy that made her run?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was her.

YES! You heard me correctly, not ALL women are “all there” and “together” or “as stable” as you may think, some are in love with their ex, some are put off by your I.Q., some just dislike geeks because of what we are SUPPOSED to be.

”More human than human”
“Gosh, you've... really got some nice toys here”

Oh, so I am. The one biggest misconception is that: As a geek you’re more likely to game the whole day away rather than spend time with your girlfriend. This is ENTIRELY....Wait.....This is ALMOST ENTIRELY untrue......Sorry ladies, Diablo 3 will be released eventually, we can’t promise anything once it comes out. It will cause a MAJOR GEEKGASM.

And yes, we probably would say “I wouldn’t give you up for anything...other than maybe Diablo 3.....”

While we love gaming, we also love our affection (well, most of us), we love a day or even a good few hours we devote to gaming. This does not mean we will be raiding all weekend while we expect you to strip on command, bring us food, anoint our feet at our whim.

Although, if you want our attention while we ARE gaming, stripping is really the best way...Right in front of us.....Do it now.....Please?.....

Enough from me for now, I have a DELOREAN to fix.


  1. I have been dumped for WOW before.
    He just didn't have enough time for me between work and wow...

    I like your blog btw, first time i've actually read it :P

  2. I have also been a World of Warcraft widow, people are strange, but not all geeks are like that!!

    Thanks for reading :) share me around like a cheap gamer slut!