Saturday, 25 February 2012

The fairy and the giant.

Every day the giant would see the fairy fluttering in the lush Forrest, glittering and spinning. Dancing like the brightest flame at the dead of night.
Her glow was marvellous, entrancing and beautiful.
He would just watch her for hours, marvelling at how such a small thing could be so very pretty.

One day he decided he must have her all for himself, and the giant snatched her mid flight and placed the fairy under a glass bowl in some kind of vain attempt to study her closer, however giants are not very smart and he did not realise there was a lack of air flow between the table and the bowl.
After a short time he realised she was no longer glowing, she was no longer spinning or dancing, she was limp and lifeless.

The giant wept at the loss of his new found toy, lifting the bowl he poked at her lifeless body. Now realising the error of his childish ways, the giant retreated back to his cave, now all he craved was solitude, to wrap himself in regret and cry himself to sleep.

Each time he remembered her, the sun would shine, the birds would sing and the world would open up in amazing beauty, but every time he remembered how he destroyed something so happy, so very pretty and full of life, the sky would open up and rain his tears upon the planet, the angry clouds of remorse would clash in the most terrifying ways.

Some say this is why we have sunny skies and rainy clouds, the giant is an emotional being, and often his moods can swing even the most fantastic day into a horrible and miserable evening.
This is how the sky was born.

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