Friday, 24 February 2012

Guaranteed pick up lines.

So, how exactly do you pick up women? No, not with a winch, not with a car, maybe with a little suttle pick up line.

Here are some witty pick up lines to use:

Hi my name is Slim Shady, his name is Fats Domino *points at crotch*

Have you ever seen a storm trooper naked? Would you like to?

*Waves hand* that guy is not the Jedi you are looking for.....

Would you like to see my Ewok?

Your eyes are like a magical bag of holding, I can get lost in them.

Would you like to roleplay? I have Vampire: the masquerade.

Even if we last only one date, it will STILL be better than Twilight, how about it?

Hey baby, can I see your Death Star exhaust pipe? (Make sure she is REALLY drunk, that way you can duck if she swings at you).

If any of these lines work (and if you try them enough, the law of probability states that one WILL work) I WANT YOUTUBE PROOF!


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