Thursday, 1 March 2012

A script I have been writing for ever...part 1

The Professor extends a warm hearty handshake to the woman who has just walked through the door of the coffee shop) Thank you for coming, please, have a seat. I'm sorry, how rude of me, I am Professor Lazarus.

(The women stares at Lazarus, trying to make sense of the stranger) Uhhh hello, Do i know you, Professor?

(Lazarus takes her hand and places his other hand on top)
You have no idea what it is like to be stuck to time. To be bound to it at every turn. To be forced to be a part of time, or else time will fall apart. You are about to learn about me, what I do and hopefully shed some light on my....Situation.

Many people over many, many years have met me as i have been beside them for the most semingly trivial points in their lives. From when they have that first kiss, to when they meet their true love. I am required to be there. I have no choice.

(places a photo album on the table) Go ahead, take a look, this is an album of me through time, caught on film. I was never one to hide myself too much, any intelligent person would have been able to pick me out in these photos if they knew what they were looking for.
Take this one for example (points at a picture of the JFK assassination) Do you see the man in the ray-ban sunglasses? Holding what seems to be a very modern mobile device? That is a "time control", none of this huge fancy time machine business. Small, compact, light weight. Look through more, you will see small hints to the modern times, a t-shirt with a print design in the 40's, a modern camera in the 1900's.....It's all here, like an almanac and holy grail, rolled into one.

Why was I there? Well now, some things in time have already been written, and I have a larger role in that fragment of time, if I do not follow it exactly to the letter, time will do a kind of...Soft reset, if you will. A paradox leading to the destruction of this timeline. How do I know I am meant to be there? Look to page forty, you will see a photo date stamped for tomorrow, that is you in the picture, by the way. I am not sure what part you play in all of this, but you are in several pictures after this across what seems like three consecutive years.

(The lady, looking very confused, utters a few words in response) But...But how is this possible? Science....Science states this is not possible, you would be changing past events and altering time.....

(Lazarus smiles) Not at all....I was already there, I am not changing anything, I am following the path of time that I have already followed because I have to.

(professor Lazarus sits back in his chair, almost to the point where it seems he may fall off it at any time and rocks)

So at this stage you are thinking "This man is off his rocker, nuts, insane, crazy", you're half right. You see, ma'am, you would HAVE to be crazy to do what I do, you would have to be out of your mind, imagine it like this, if you do not be somewhere at exactly the right time and do exactly what you had to do, everything as you know it is erased. Everything.

You see, I have a type of epilepsy of the frontal lobe, this causes "flash backs" or "dejavu", these are actually implanted memories, or so I think. For some reason, and before you ask I have no idea why, you know exactly what this is about, do you not?

(the woman looks down at the photo album and covers her mouth as if not to scream)
Is that.....Is that whom I think it is?  Is that......Me?

(Lazarus smiles)
So, it seems I am supposed to teach you all about what i do and what you are supposed to do, this happens from time to time, or so I was told when this was passed down to myself.

(The woman is barely able to look Lazarus in the eyes)
But I know nothing about time, I know nothing about any of this......I swear, how could I know?

(lazarus frowns and starts to look serious)
Elly, you already know, you have just forgotten. It starts with a time and a place, a smell, a sound, a taste maybe even a face. You then flash and BAM! You all of a sudden know what this is (points to the time control) and how to use it.
You will find it a little odd at first, but don't worry, I will be here until you have mastered the basic principles of travel.

(Elly touches the control and watches it light up as if it had a screen saver of some sort)
I have seen this device before, in my dreams.....How is any of this possible? I remember in school the physics teacher saying that based on popular science, this was impossible?

(Lazarus takes a sip of his coffee)
Did you know that once upon a time, people thought you could not mix milk with water? That due to the base elements of both liquids, they could never ever mix?

(Elly looks puzzled)
Is that true?

(lazarus' eyes widen)
Not at all! However Einstein had a theory that time travel was possible in your own past no matter what the change, no matter what. Conventional science dismissed this all due to.....Hang on, have you heard of The Philadelphia Experiment? Or MonTauk? They were secret operations by the government between 1940 odd and now, all about time travel. (taps on the device)
You know who built this, don't you? Tesla, Einstein and Neumann, top in their fields, the greatest minds time has ever seen.


(Elly looks baffled)
but hang on, let me ask you a few questions....Who else or how many of these time controls exist? Does this mean the government know about you? Are they going to try and stop you? How do I know you AREN'T a mad man?

(Lazarus smiles and takes another sip of coffee)
Ok, there are three of these devices active, the government knows about all three but is unable to pin point the location of them, and check you hand bag for a small yellow post it note and follow the instructions.

(Elly looks in her handbag and reads the note)
"Firstly, left side, waiter falls over, move your jumper off the chair or it will have coffee stains, next the man walking through the door will order a flat white with mud cake. My fave cake by the way. and last ly, see the man behind the register? he wants to kill us, sorry, be prepared to run as fast as you can when the clock hits 10:06."

Elly looks at the waiter who, distracted by her good looks and sweet smile, trips over a laptop bag and spills the coffee all over the spare seat at her table as she quickly moves her jumper.
A tall man standing around 6'4 walks through the door to the counter and orders a flat white with chocolate mudcake.
The man behind the count reaches into his coat pocket and looks straight at Professor Lazarus, as the clock hits 10:06, Elly and Lazarus stand up and race out the door.

(Lazarus grabs Elly's hand)
Sorry Elly, I wish we had more time, but it does not work like that, sadly.....I hope you ate before this, or you are going to feel very sick....
(he laps the screen of the time control)
really sorry Elly, truly I am!

(A white flash, sounds of gun fire and explosions, she can hear screaming of orders that sound out in English voices as everything comes into focus)

Where are we, Lazarus? Couldn't you send us some place a little safer?

(Lazarus checks his coat to make sure the photo album is still there)
No, it really does not work that way, this is a time control, but it does not control time, time controls IT. We seem to be in the 1940's, during the war. It seems we have to make sure that a Private Johnson makes it through the next twenty fopur hours alive, he has plans on Hitler's next move. The allies need this or we will lose the war, time will reset and you and I will have never met......Or something like that.....

(A soldier stumbles into the trench where Lazarus and Elly are)
Who are you? you don't look like troops...Explain before i put a knife in your spine...

(Elly stumbles to find words to explain, Lazarus pipes in)
Oh well, you see uhhh....That is.....Do you have any cookies? i could really use some sugar....You know? I have a craving....
Anzac cookie? And a nice cup of tea would be fantastic. You have a ration kit, right?

(the soldier glares at Lazarus)Sure, I guess you can have my kit.....Who the heck are you?

(Lazarus looks back with a half smile)
Well, that's not easy to explain actually, all you need to know is this: I am The Professor, this is Elly, and I need to find one  Private Johnson. He needs to be extracted ASAP.

(the soldier looks over to the other trench)
You will find him over there, so you are central intelligence then?

(Lazarus taps Elly on the shoulder and motions to the other trench)
Uhhh, something like that. All you need to know is this: the fate of the war hinges on that ONE boy, if he dies, we all die.

(they rush to the other trench where they fins a soldier who could not be older than 17 years old)
I am Professor Lazarus, this is Elly, are you  Private Johnson and do you have any tea at all?

( Private Johnson looks shocked)
SIR YES SIR, I AM JOHNSON SIR! What do you require, sir? You look like intel, did they send you here for the information, sir?

(Lazarus pours a cup of tea)
Actually son, we are here for the information and you. The whole package. We need to get to that bunker over there and sit tight until morning.

(A bright flash is seen behind enemy lines. A soldier in the trench looks horrified.)

(Lazarus turns to Elly)
Have you ever used a gun?

(Elly looks at Lazarus like he is insane)
NO! Never! And I never will!!

(Lazarus hands her a revolver)
Oh, in that case take this, safety is on the side, all you need to do is point it at some thing's head, squeeze the trigger and repeat. Preferably until said "thing" is dead.....

(Elly looks at the pistol)
I don't understand, I thought your job was to preserve time, not kill people!

(Lazarus looks back with his most serious face)

(Lazarus pours a cup of tea and continues to sip it and look care free)

(They all make it to the bunker and barricade themselves inside)
(Elly looks down at the now beeping time control)
Professor, what is it doing now?

(Lazarus looks down at the beeping time control)
Oh no, this is never good. Elly? Grab my hand.....

(Elly grabs Lazarus' hand)
Is it about to jump us through time again? I thought it was a time "control"??

(Lazarus smiles at Elly)
you have a lot to learn, you see.....

(In a flash they are gone only to find themselves in a well lit white room with two chairs and a man with wild blonde hair sitting behind a table, he swivels around)
Ahhh Lazarus! welcome back! it feels as though you were only just here a moment ago! Wait, you were! Haa haa!

(Lazarus smiles back in the most polite way possible)
Albert, this is Elly, Elly this is Albert, it seems he wanted to show us something or perhaps have a nice cup of tea. Do you have tea Albert?

(Albert frowns at Lazarus)
Of course i have tea! What type of host do you take me for? Elly, can you please pour us some tea? I have something i need to say to you and it is neither going to be easy to hear, nor will it make sense.

You see, as you may have already gathered who I am, I must explain the whom, how and when....Well, the when is not going to be easy to take note of, however the others are fairly simple....To me.....Maybe not you....

who- Who are you?
You are human, that much is certain, you have been crafted by science, however. You are one of a handful of subjects originally created for an odd purpose, to travel time and keep things where they are supposed to be. Your life is a lie, your family adopted you, your first boyfriend was working for the government, sorry. Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way, the why.

Why- Normal humans are unable to travel time, you see the body and the mind must be at a certain level or travel will result in certain death. So, you, like so many before and after you, have been selected to do this. It has already technically happened. At this point in time, my point in time, it is 1952, 2010, 1941.....
Since there exists in this four dimensional structure, no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.

In other words, time is an illusion, time is not future or present as such, it is more....Ever flowing on the one. Now is then, then is now and we are all here, there and everywhere. Hmmm, that made a lot more sense in my head..
Ok, the easier way to think of it is this, there is no time like the present, even in the future or the past, the time is now...that Time is relative, not absolute. We use a simple computer to travel through wormholes to get where we need to go, and can bring you back at any time with no time delay in the past, present or future, hmm?

Hmm, what was i missing? OH YES! You must take on this task from Lazarus, or time will cease to exist as you know it, everything will be erased. Lazarus, anything to add.

(Lazarus looks up from his cup of tea)
Indeed, that flash we saw on the battle field, that was not another time control, it was a bend in the fabric of time and space. Something was coming through.

(Elly looks over at Lazarus)
Something? you mean there are other intelligent life forms travelling through time like us?

(Lazarus scoffs his tea for a moment)
What? "Other" intelligent life? Did you expect human kind to be the only intelligent time travellers? No, we are one of many races, not all intelligent mind you, but some are here on our planet, to stop us.

(Elly looks confused)
Why on earth would they try to stop us? Do they not see why we do this?

(Lazarus smiles back)
There may or may not be something the human race will do in around one hundred years that may or may not change the entire galaxy and universe. And to be frank, we may have pissed off some big angry guys who want to rule every inhabited planet.......And they usually carry guns....Like, really REALLY big guns...

(Elly looks back at Albert)
Wait, so you really are Albert...(Albert interrupts Elly)

Pardon me, sorry! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein!

Lazarus gestures Elly towards a doorway that seems to have a strange mirror like shimmer to it.

This way Elly, we had better get back to the war and looking after Private Johnson.

Elly looks back at Lazarus:
Am i going to feel a little car sick each time we do this?

Lazarus smiles back:
What did you think the cup of tea is for? Tea does more than taste good and make you feel refreshed, you see once ingested the tea molec.......Wait, sorry you won't understand that, lets say it makes you go "ahhhh now i feel much better" and your body go "ahhh now I am ready top travel through a wormhole having every molecule disassembled and reassembled".......

Elly looks rather baffled:
Ok, so if i NEVER drink the cup of tea, what happens then?

Lazarus looks at her as if staring right through her:
Have you ever gotten to an airport after a trip and been missing luggage?

Elly rests her hand on her chin:
Well, yes...

Lazarus waves his hands seemingly trying to visualise the luggage with his hands:
You run the risk of the Airport never, NEVER returning the luggage.....

Elly looks back at him mortified by this:
So  breaking this can lead to unfavourable consequences....

Lazarus throws his hands wildly in the air:

As Lazarus and Elly phase back into the bunker, a man steps forth from the shadow, pulls out a gun and shoots Private Johnson.

NOOOO! screams Lazarus.

The man from the shadows holsters the revolver.
Oh yes, yes indeed.....Professor. You can't change the course of events, you know that better than anyone, people sometimes have to die. you didn't think we could let the war end early dide you?

He smiles a sinister smile at Elly:
oh, how rude of me, hell I am Azaethel...

Elly looks on rather horrified:
Azaethel? As in the angel of death?

Azaethel looks at Lazarus:
Oh goodness! You haven't told her, have you. Has he told you about his nick name or how he got it? No? Oh well then, allow me.....
Professor Lazarus "Evil" McMahon, better know as Professor Evil. A stone cold killer of thousands, he has killed and removed glitches in time such as....Now who was it? the Mayans or the Incas? I simply can never remember....
He removed them from time's equation, wiped them all out.

Elly looks at Lazarus with a look that her blood in her very veins has run cold:
Is it true? Are you the reason the just seemed to vanish from time after a certain point?

Lazarus has a look of great sadness:
Regrettably, this is true. They had figured out time, they had seen in to time itself, they had seen us, they had to be removed....Or so I thought. The organisation of time had discovered many artefacts telling of time travellers, what we did, how we did it. The organisation had them removed for the safety of time, this is why there is no record of the Mayans officially dying out as such.

You know Azaethel, she was not supposed to know this yet, you have altered the time line, polluted it...

Azaethel lets out a n almost maniacal laugh:
Really? you are one to talk Professor Evil. Private Ryan was supposed to have died three hours ago due to a mortar attack, you, sir, have altered time YET again and why? Because of some disillusion fictitious notionthat you can "fix" time? That you have the RIGHT to right the wrongs of time? You know what we are here to do, to follow time AS IT WAS WRITTEN.

Elly, did he tell you why there are creatures, aliens and government organisations wanting to terminate him? He is an OUTLAW of time, HE is the reason people like me EXIST! Time hunters, assassins.

Lazarus leans over a little to Elly and whispers in her ear:
Hold on tight, this is going to be a little....Rough.

Elly holds Lazarus as if he were a life jacket as Lazarus hits the time control and they vanish.

Azaethel shakes his head:
Why...Why must I ALWAYS rant instead of just shooting him.

Azaethel hits his time device and also vanishes.


Lazarus looks at Elly:
I am sorry you had to find out that way, I regret what i have done in the past, however like any soldier, I was just following orders.

Elly looks back at Lazarus:
Do you need a drink? I need a drink, a really strong, really big, mind bogglingly huge stiff drink. There is a bar, really I need a drink. And maybe you can tell me over said really big, strong, stiff drink,how Azaethel has a time device...

Elly places the empty shot glass on the table.

So Professor, I am here to take over for you? I'm supposed to be some sort of....Saviour?

The Professor looks back and smiles like a child.

More or less, yes. I'm growing old, time travel is not without a certain irony.
I'm no longer young enough nor fast enough to keep up with it. This time line needs a hero, it's certainly not me.

Elly looks past the professor as a flash strikes the air and a shot rings out, the professor's shirt is turning red.
Elly, take the tine device, it's your turn to........Oh.

The professor collapses on the floor in a pool of blood.

Elly looks at the device and hits the button.

I don;t even know how to use this thing......Well, at least I might appear somewhere.....

*1942, London*

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