Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Reboot me, Spider-Man

The following is what I believe should be in the upcoming Spider-Man flick.

A quick background on myself, I have been reading Spider-man for the better part of 25 years, I understood him, he spoke to me, he reminded me of me in a lot of ways.

The smart nerd who never really had many friends in school, he was an outcast, an outsider. I grew up a large portion of my younger years the same way in a country town, shunned by the other kids because I didn’t want to play sports, I didn’t like to talk about cricket or rugby, my love was games and comics.
Now, on with the show!!

The Amazing Spider-Man’:

Keep true to Spidey’s origin
We already saw this (mostly) in Raimi’s story, MOSTLY except MJ should have been Gwen.
Gwen Stacy as Peter’s love interest
Gwen was Peter’s first love and I hope they establish Mary Jane as one of Peter’s circle of friends. This was one of my biggest issues with Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ movies, although Kirsten Dunst’s rain scene is just so good and I’m happy that happened /creepygeeklikesnippleshot.

The Villain(s):

The Burglar:
You can’t leave this guy out, there is no way to leave him out.
You see, everyone is going on about how it is needed in the first movie, they could save him for the 2nd movie and really focus on the Gwen and Peter love story as well as Doc Connors A.K.A. The Lizard, not to mention the disappearance of his parents, but then how would they explain as to how Peter became Spidey?.

Doc Connors/The Lizard
We have it confirmed!! The Lizard will be his MAIN foe!!!

This means we may just get to see Spidey and The Lizard tangle up down in the NYC sewer system, Marc Webb (director) was saying about how he wanted a more drama driven and gritty Spider-Man, this could have massive potential for a truly historic and iconic movie, the makings for something that will both haunt and amaze the audience.
The sheer fact that the villain is the cunning, vicious, animal instinct driven Lizard, is amazing. We should see some great fights from the sewers, to the street, up and over some buildings maybe even through Central Park!
Doc Connors is a worker in the Oscorp labs (yes, as in Norman Osbourne who later becomes The Green Goblin)

Kraven, The Hunter:
I would LOVE to see Kraven the Hunter as well, though I don’t feel that they will put more than the burglar and The Lizard in the movie.
Kraven was a hunter who craved the hunt, he is more an anti-hero than a super villain as he wants not only the thrill of hunting the infamous Spider-man, but also the reward for the capture of Spidey.

The perfect balance of Peter Parker AND Spider-Man:
In the Raimi version, I had a hard time trying to connect to Parker much unlike the connection from the comics. I feel it may have been due to Toby’s “boy ish” look, it was too boyish or rather impish. The new Peter (played by Andrew Garfield) seems to fit the Spidey image a little more IMHO.
Every time Toby would beat up a villain, I would just chuckle to myself, I just couldn’t take him seriously enough to be invested in his portrayal of Spidey.

Garfield, on the other hand, I can see not only being able to pull off the Spidey visage, but also the Parker awkward geeky nerd boy, the big question is can he crack wise?

Wise cracking!
Every one loves a good joke, even better if it is witty and a little mean!!
Raimi’s Spidey had one of the best lines I have ever heard, it was when he was wrestling “Bone Saw” and even now, I still use it now and then.
“that’s a nice outfit, did your husband make it for you?”
I’m not saying we have to have a hundred jokes in the film, but I feel like this was something that was lacking in Raimi’s films, heck, SM3 was more of a douche-bag emo movie to me, I hated it THAT much.

The use of Spider-Sense!!
Spider-sense is a major defence ability that allows him to sense danger or alert him to dodge incoming attacks. It has always been somewhat lacking in the Raimi movies and the big thing here is how it ties in to villains like Venom and Carnage (symbiotic bonded villains), as Spidey is unable to sense them AT ALL.

Also, it makes for some great action shots, not sure they would resort to the little red squiggly lines of the comics to show it though :D

Now for the BIG debate: Web-Slinger’s vs Web Shooters
Originally, Peter created a web compound and holsters that could shoot web-like fluid used for him to swing around sky-scrapers, apprehend bad guys, etc. I like the idea of going back to the mechanical and chemical compound based shooters, rather than the organic wrist shooters that were part of his DNA etc.

Have you SEEN how web is made from a spider? Yeah. Nuff said.

What we will NOT see for a while that I want to se NOW:
The Symbiote
This by far is my absolute favourite storyline/costume of Spidey lore that I want to see the most and done right!!!! Originally, the symbiote was introduced during the ‘Secret Wars’ storyline. After the battle was over, Peter’s costume was trashed. He found a machine that he thought could replace tattered clothing; instead the machine produced a black ball that set his spider-sense off. The ball immediately began to crawl up Peter’s arm and spread over his entire body, disintegrating his old costume along the way. The result was the infamous black costume.
He returned to Earth with what he thought was just a super suit, and found that it had amazing abilities; it responded to his mental commands and would change to appear as his civilian clothes or re-appear as his costume at will. It also would make pockets to store Peter’s belongings in his suit and made an endless supply of webbing. As Peter & the symbiote unknowingly grew closer, it was revealed that the suit wasn’t just a super suit, it was in fact a sentient alien life form that wanted to permanently bond with Peter!

Over the years, the symbiote’s abilities have changed and expanded (like in the 90’s cartoon series ’Spider-Man’, the comic series ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ which also drastically changed the suit’s origin to a more personal level, and more recently the cartoon series ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man such as the suit amplified Peter’s strength, agility, and unfortunately, his aggression. In these versions, (with the exception of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’) the symbiote actually hitched a ride from space on Astronaut John Jameson’s space shuttle as he returned to Earth. This scenario would work the best for this reboot.

In the Raimi movie, Peter ends up having the symbiote....Ummm...Molest him in his sleep. Peter starts to change and become an angry emo wife bashing moron. Really, watch it, it’s a terrible story line.
In the end, Peter realizes that he doesn’t want the suit anymore because of what it’s doing to him. But the symbiote doesn’t like the idea of them separating and refuses to let go. So he retreated into a church bell tower in a last ditch effort to finally be rid of the alien.

The symbiote found Eddie Brock (and here we go away from SM3 because otherwise I will rant about how crap it was): a man whose life had been destroyed by both Peter AND Spider-Man (depending on the version you look at). It felt Eddie’s need for vengeance and savoured its taste. In result, the alien leapt upon Brock and began to tell him sinister secrets. What Peter didn’t know is that he was bonded with the suit, it delved into his mind and knew all about his life, his feelings and his secrets.

The symbiote told Brock everything, that Peter was Spider-Man, who he loved/cared about, where he lived, everything. With this knowledge and their combined hatred for Peter, the creature that would be poison to Spidey was born: Venom, one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies has the same abilities as Peter does.

He can wall-crawl, produce web and has super-strength. Venom has one added ability, courtesy of the symbiote, that has the advantage over Spider-Man; Venom cannot be detected by Pete’s spider-sense!


  1. It seems to me that they're going for a 'purer' interpretation of Spidey - web-shooters and all - by blending elements of the original and Ultimate storylines. I always thought it strange they removed the mechanical web-shooters in favour of biologically based webs due to the unbelievability factor of the former. I mean, evolving overnight into a human/spider hybrid replete with webs is fairly unbelievable in itself. Peter Parker is supposed to be a genius who is bitten by a radioactive spider, after all, not just an average kid bitten by a radioactive spider.

    I'm glad we'll be seeing Gwen Stacey as Spidey's first love and, maybe just maybe, even see her get her neck snapped when Spidey fails to save her after the Green Goblin tosses her off a bridge. Or a cable car. Or a bridge and a cable car. Oh, *spoiler alert* ftw, btw. Aside from his Uncle Ben dying at the hands of 'The Burglar' (yup, that's who the burglar is, people) giving rise to Spidey's raison d'ĂȘtre (look it up, I had to) of "with great power comes great responsibility" his inability to save Gwen Stacey from death at the hands of ol'Gobbo is one of the defining moments of his character. So, yeah, I don't think we'll see that onscreen, but I think we should.

    As they seem to be using a blended Ultimate/original version of both the Venom and Spidey origin for Spidey's own origin (ie, his parents worked on the science which created him/bitten by a radiocative spider) I'm guessing you're right in that they'll go for the 'space-hitchhiker' version of the Venom origin in movie two or three (or four if they can resist rebooting by that point), which would be a good thing. Random meteorites smacking down in the middle of Central Park without comment? No, no I think not. Still, aside from Topher Grace as 'the godawful Venom' I think Spider-Man 3 did a lot right. Ned-sans-Stacey as Sandman? Shit, that guy looked like he walked straight out of the freaking comics - unlikely combination of clothing colours and square head included! I mean, that rocked my world right there. The friction between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn was also masterfully done, I even didn't totally hate the New Green Goblin and while the flying snowboard was a bit much to take the costumed conflict between the two gave us some of the best action scenes of the series. I even enjoyed the 'emo-douchebag' moments where Peter Parker is revelling in the power and supposed abilities of the symbiote - literally drunk and stupid on his own awesomeness. There's just something about those scenes where he's strutting his stuff and everyone is looking at him like "wtf?!?" that make me laugh out loud. Out loud, I say!! That people hate those moments is, I think, the actual point of them - you're supposed to start hating Peter and what he's becoming at that point, and supposed to question the symbiote. Still, it's a shame they made Eddie Brock a weedy, whiny nobody instead of a musclebound, whiny nobody.

    Still, I'm getting a bit sidetracked here - as long as they give us a 'purer' Spider-man (wisecracks included) and handle the subject matter with the reverence it deserves I'll be sold.

    1. We shall see, I mostly stayed away from sequels until this one is out :)