Friday, 2 March 2012

Dating, is it like the movies?

The first date, the "getting to know the background of the characters". this is the first movie, right?
this is the point where the franchise will flop, or if there will be further instalments....remember, you can always leave the theatre.
if you are lucky, you may even get some popcorn (hugs) or candy (kisses), but beware of candy giving girls...

The second date, the "now we know each other better, lets see if the storyline is decent". This is where things either get interesting, or fail like so many indie bands copying The Cure. This is the most crucial date, you get to see if you really spark, some of the awkwardness is gone and by the end of it you are in each others arms, or parting ways. if=fail <return> /start1. if=win <continue></continue></return>

The third date, it's raining....The third date <or so="" I="" am="" told=""> is the date where the magic happens.....and by magic i mean sex...and by sex i mean, probably drunken sex....or something >

well, that is the generalised, poorly written drunken words of me, enjoy!!


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