Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wall Street Journal's Worst Review?

An article was posted over night on the Wall Street Journal's blog (Speakeasy) of Bordelands 2 and has received almost 1000 negative comments.
Why? One of the most poorly executed reviews of a game the internet has seen in some time.

The reviewer, Adam Najberg, compares the rimping first person shooter role playing game to the likes of the Halo and Black Ops franchises. I'm not even kidding.

check it out HERE

The best thing? People aren't even flaming him, they are providing clear reasons as to WHY the article is so bad, it would make any other reviewer place a hand on forehead and cry.

One poster commented:
 "So because it’s not Call of Duty or Halo it’s not good? Laughable. You are woefully unqualified to write any game review. How in God’s name did you get this gig? Hell, since when does the WSJ think it’s a credible source for video game critique?"

Another posted:
"Borderlands is nothing like Call of Duty. It’s a ROLE PLAYING game that just so happens to have First Person Shooting in it as well. It’s more like today’s MMOs in that you have a talent tree and you build your character a certain way. Call of Duty is an Arcade Style FPS. You’re comparing apples to oranges."

In this reviewers honest opinion, the guy seems to have little to no idea what he is talking about, and that makes me sad that some how he landed (it seems) a job of such high profile, with little to no experience in games and this is apparent by the way he compares Borderlands 2 to games that are nothing like it at all.

Niot only that, but saying that Borderlands "Cussing" is worse than Black Ops. You sir, obviously have never played BLOPS or have had the sound turned off.


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