Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Charlie And The Borderlands2 Gun Factory

Ok, so it's not a chocolate factory, but it's that DAMN good we have to share this.

Gearbox Software made a forum post a few hours ago about the special Golden Key that is obtained via the Premiere Club with pre-ordered copies of Borderlands 2.
The Golden Key opens a "one use only" loot chest in the city of Sanctuary and contains scalable very rare (purple) weaponry/loot.

There will be only ONE chest and ONE key per pre-ordered game.

From the Gearbox forums, The Golden Chest.

"This is amazing!! Scaled weapons?!?!?!" Yes and no. The chest is scaleable, the weapons are not. The loot contained in the chest are suitable for your current level ONLY  and you only get ONE KEY.
You CAN however SELL the loot when you need to, the Golden Key can't be traded or sold.

Gearbox forces a tough decision on the player, do you get it at level 20 or do you wait it out until max level to claim and reap the rewards of your purchase?

In this bloggers honest opinion, there will be plenty of loot drops and I see this as a fantastic way to get level appropriate gear for questing as by the time you get to cap or near cap level, you should have found a few better weapons.



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