Saturday, 25 August 2012

Counter Strike :Global Offensive review

Should you buy it? No.
Should you buy it for nostalgia of a "better more simple time of FPSs"? No.
Go buy Battlefield 3, you will enjoy it more. Yes, I'm serious.

Why? Server lag. Horrible aiming. Horrible weapon choices.

So Counter Strike is back, after many years of being AWOL, and brings NOTHING to the table.
I had hoped I would be writing this and proclaiming a rekindled love for the CS world. Well shit. Guess I was wrong.

The game on XBox Live during multiplayer lagged and dropped out more than those "cool kids" in every 80s movie that had a high school focus. The bots, yes it has bots to fill vacant team spots, make me WANT to play vs a whole team of campers in MW3.

This is the same issue I had with Duke Nukem 3D, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD. In reality, it was a flop. It was a giant belly flop from an Olympic diving board.

Did the game have any redeeming features? No. Nothing about this game will make it even remotely able to keep up with the "big boys". Those being Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

I feel like I was just mugged for my shiny new sneakers by a ninety year old man with a limp in a golf cart. All while being handcuffed with a gimp gag in my mouth.

I feel dirty. I think I need a shower.


  1. Hmm i'll reserve judgement for when i actually get it downloaded and can play in a few hours.

    That being said i'm not a huge fan of fps games on consoles, never quite seems as good as the experience on pc.

    1. It may be better on PC, but the XB version feels like a rehash of the old game.

  2. Well, after a bit of screwing around with steam re-verifying the freshly downloaded content i have had a decent crack at CS:GO.

    Seems to be a nice refresh to the franchise, the new maps are well designed and the new gun game style game mode is quite fun to play. The remade levels like office, aztec and dust are true to their origins and games on these levels play out like you would expect.

    Ballistics are a bit hit and miss, feels a little different if you are used to CS:S hit registration. I've had more than a few instances of unloading a clip at point blank range into an enemies head only to have them turn around and pwn me instantly. Feels like the hit registration code needs a bit of tweaking.

    Early in my play i was just jumping into games via the console friendly big menus provided, but wasn't always getting into games with decent ping and was therefore getting raped. Found the old style server menu under 'Community Games' or somesuch and havnt looked back since, lots of nice low ping servers there and can also find games with the zombie mod which is an added bonus.