Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Spider-man to be Amazing in Avengers 2?‏

The last few weeks there has been some major buzz that Andrew Garfield will be play The Amazing Spider-man in The Avengers 2. This rumor is based off a paparazzi shot of Garfield with a “fist full” of Avengers comics.

I’m here to be the sinker to your fishing line, NO. If any of the sites reporting this did some simple research and watched any of the interviews with Garfield for the press events of The Amazing Spider-man, they would have heard Garfield state that he was a huge Spidey fan when he was a child, even learning gymnastics “to be more like Spider-man”.

Now, I’m not ruling it out, however as Sony own the rights to Spider-man, I can’t see them coming to the table with it’s separate property so that The Avengers 2 can be just that little bit more awesome (if that’s possible).

Yes, it would be a win/win for both Sony and Disney/marvel in a way when you consider the box office taking, however I can’t see Sony just handing over the rights to Spider-man (not after the AMAZING showing of the new film), maybe if Marvel/Disney BUY the rights to Spider-man (and if I made all that cash from The Avengers, I would certainly look to buy the rights back if I were Marvel/Disney) however this would not only be very costly, but also Sony would NOT want to sell the rights back considering that Spider-man is printing money for them.

The bigger question now becomes “is the media not paying attention? Do they not do any research at all due to trying to get buzz and hype out before any other publication?”. It gets to the point where I start asking myself if it’s just me and my love of all things geeky, should I care less or should publications care more when doing articles.

The Mail Online article can be found here

who specifically states "If you’ve seen the photo of The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield with a stack of comics, it’s because my Associate Producer Blake Garris gave them to him. Because Andrew’s a comic book fan and Blake’s a nice guy. Nothing else to it."

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