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The (Not So) Amazing Spider-man Game 

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Wow Activision (and Beenox, yeah I'm scowling at you Dee), you really did just copy (albeit badly) Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum and Arkham city games, huh. Two years in the making and you couldn't even deliver on your promise of "brand new, exceptional, fresh" you just used the same old 2004 game template, no kidding. The only new is "web rush" and it's not really that great anyway.

The game is set after the new movie rather than a tie-in and begins with a promotional video from Oscorp introducing Dr. Alistair Smythe, whom is Curt Connor's successor. In it, Smythe explains how the new face of Oscorp will be nano-bot technology, and that "Oscorp is a new company with the same name you trust."

And at this point I have a major jones, this is amazing, this is cool, this IS new. The first cut scene allows you to look around Oscorp's lab even though you are "on tracks", but later during the game you start to realize that it was one of the ONLY cut scenes that allows this and it's the same old game as always.

The combat is boring, it's the same as the 2004 Spider-man game, in fact, just play the 2004 Spider-man game, the graphics won't be as pretty but at least you won't feel ripped off.

Swinging through the streets, up and over a building, go to collect a comic cover and BAM. Stuck.

So far I have has an entire boss fight bug out, gotten stuck in scenery, had a room vanish to blackness in an indoors level, voices continue to clip after rescuing a sick person, had lag in the sound from a boss fight and had to reset my xbox because of in game "lag".

The game feels like it was rushed through to meet the release of the film

All in all, this is NOT the revolutionary video game Activision and Beenox made it out to be.
The combat is simple and boring, the Web Rush mechanic is not well used and it really does feel like a copy of the previous free-roaming games.

Maybe Activision should have just copied Mortal Kombat and made a Spider-man fighting game. That would be worth the $70....
This game obviously has no multilayer, single player only.
6/10 Spider-tracers, wait for it to go to the bargain bin in 4 weeks and get it at $20.

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